NextGen Healthcare/Thoma Bravo

Seller: NextGen Healthcare

Buyer: Thoma Bravo

Announced: September 2023

Deal Value: $1.5B

EV/S Multiple: 2.3x

Thoma Bravo NextGen Healthcare

EMR and practice management SaaS provider, NextGen was taken private for $1.5B at 2.3 times revenue by ThomaBravo


Seller: Syntelis

Buyer: Roper

Announced: August 2023

Deal Value: $1.3B

Roper Syntelis

Syntelis, an AI-based enterprise performance management and data intelligence SaaS, was bought by Roper for $1.3B.

Nextech/TPG Capital

Seller: Nextech

Buyer: TPG Capital

Announced: July 2023

Deal Value: $1.4B

TPG Capital Nextech

Nextech, a practice management, revenue and EHR management SaaS, was purchased by TPG Capital for $1.4B.


Seller: Amplexor

Buyer: ArisGlobal

Announced: February 2023

Deal Value: $8B

ArisGlobal Amplexor

Amplexor, a regulatory, quality and safety SaaS platform for the life sciences businesses, getting acquired by ArisGlobal for $8B.

Patient Engagement


Seller: LumiraDx

Buyer: Roche

Announced: December 2023

Deal Value: $350M

Roche LumiraDx

UK-based point-of-care diagnostics business of LumiraDx was bought by Swiss pharmaceutical company Roche for $350M to transform testing at the point of care.

Cloud Platform

Volpara Health/Lunit

Seller: Volpara Health

Buyer: Lunit

Announced: December 2023

Deal Value: $192M

EV/S Multiple: 7.9x

Lunit Volpara Health

New Zealand-based AI-enabled breast cancer detection software, Volpara Health, was acquired by South Korean rival, Lunit, for $192M at 7.9 times revenue to strengthen its product portfolio and expand further into the US healthcare market.

Winnow AI/Aya Healthcare

Seller: Winnow AI

Buyer: Aya Healthcare

Announced: November 2023

Aya Healthcare Winnow AI

AI-driven predictive physician insights and recruitment SaaS provider Winnow AI was picked up by Aya Healthcare to further build up its AI capabilities for staffing, hiring and retention.

Noventicare/Volaris (Constellation)

Seller: Noventicare

Buyer: Volaris (Constellation)

Announced: November 2023

Volaris (Constellation) Noventicare

German AI-based care management software, Noventicare was bought by Constellation’s subsidiary Volaris.

Doctor On Demand/Vitura Health

Seller: Doctor On Demand

Buyer: Vitura Health

Announced: October 2023

Deal Value: $25M

Vitura Health Doctor On Demand

The Australian telehealth platform Doctor On Demand was purchased for $25M by the cannabis prescription and telehealth platforms provider Vitura Health to widen its telehealth offerings and enter adjacent verticals.