Seller: Immucor

Buyer: Werfen

Announced: November 2022

Deal Value: $2B

Werfen Immucor

U.S.-based Immucor, developer of transfusion and transplantation diagnostics systems, was purchased by Spain-based specialized diagnostic instruments provider, Werfen for $2B.

Signify Health/CVS Health

Seller: Signify Health

Buyer: CVS Health

Announced: September 2022

Deal Value: $7.5B

CVS Health Signify Health

Signify Health, health assessment, clinical workflow, and logistics SaaS, was bought by CVS Health for $7.5B.


Seller: Parata

Buyer: BD

Announced: June 2022

Deal Value: $1.5B

EV/S Multiple: 6.9x

Parata Acquired by BD Parata Acquired by BD

Pharmacy automation solutions provider, Parata Systems, was bought by BD for $1.5B at 6.9 times revenue The acquisition will allow BD to enter a new high-growth pharmacy automation space.

Covetrus/TPG Capital/Clayton Dubilier & Rice

Seller: Covetrus

Buyer: TPG Capital/Clayton Dubilier & Rice

Announced: May 2022

Deal Value: $2.9B

TPG Capital / Clayton Dubilier & Rice Covetrus

An animal-healthcare management SaaS, Covetrus was acquired by TPG Capital/Clayton Dubilier & Rice, for $2.9B.

Change Healthcare/TPG Capital

Seller: Change Healthcare

Buyer: TPG Capital

Announced: April 2022

Deal Value: $2.2B

TPG Capital Change Healthcare

Change Healthcare’s claims editing business was bought by TPG Capital for $2.2B.

Informa Pharma/Warburg Pincus

Seller: Informa Pharma

Buyer: Warburg Pincus

Announced: February 2022

Deal Value: $2.3B

Warburg Pincus Informa Pharma

Informa’s clinical trial intelligence SaaS, Pharma Intelligence was purchased by Warburg Pincus, for $2.3B

Cloudmed/R1 RCM

Seller: Cloudmed

Buyer: R1 RCM

Announced: January 2022

Deal Value: $3.2B

EV/S Multiple: 5.4x

R1 RCM Cloudmed

R1 RCM purchased CloudMed, a revenue intelligence platform, for $3.2B.

Cloud Platform

Odin Vision/Olympus

Seller: Odin Vision

Buyer: Olympus

Announced: December 2022

Deal Value: $40.2M

EV/S Multiple: 28.9x

Olympus Odin Vision

AI-based endoscopy detection and diagnosis SaaS Odin Vision, out of the U.K., was acquired by Olympus Corporation for $40.2M at 28.9 times revenue to complement Olympus’ Digital Endosuite vision, transforming clinical and procedural workflows.


Seller: MedAware

Buyer: Biomed

Announced: September 2022

Deal Value: $18M

Biomed MedAware

MedAware, an AI-powered medical data analytics SaaS, was picked up by Biomed for $18M to optimize and expand Biomed’s drug development in finding treatment and prevention approaches for neurodegenerative diseases.

Rx Savings Solutions/McKesson

Seller: Rx Savings Solutions

Buyer: McKesson

Announced: September 2022

Deal Value: $600M

McKesson Rx Savings Solutions

Prescription price transparency and benefit analytics SaaS, Rx Savings Solutions was acquired by McKesson for $600M to accelerate McKesson’s growth in the biopharma services market as well as in advanced health outcomes for all.