Seller: Parata

Buyer: BD

Announced: June 2022

Deal Value: $1.5B

EV/S Multiple: 6.9x

Parata Acquired by BD Parata Acquired by BD

Parata provides automated medical prescription dispensing and pharmacy automation systems, pharmacy workflow SaaS. The acquisition will allow BD to enter anew high-growth pharmacy automation space.

Cloud Platform


Seller: VitaCare

Buyer: GoodRx

Announced: March 2022

Deal Value: $150M

GoodRx VitaCare

Healthcare prescription management SaaS,  VitaCare was acquired by GoodRx for $150M, to strengthen its pharma manufacturer solutions.

Informa Pharma/Warburg Pincus

Seller: Informa Pharma

Buyer: Warburg Pincus

Announced: February 2022

Deal Value: $2.3B

Warburg Pincus Informa Pharma

Informa’s clinical trial intelligence SaaS, Pharma Intelligence was purchased by Warburg Pincus, for $2.3B