Twill was bought by DarioHealth

Seller: Twill

Buyer: DarioHealth

Announced: February 2024

Deal Value: $35.5M

EV/S Multiple: 3.5x

DarioHealth Twill

Twill, a mental health app, was bought by chronic decease management software provider, DarioHealth for $35.5M at 3.5 times revenue to build out the mental health capabilities.


BookWise was purchased by VitalHub

Seller: BookWise

Buyer: VitalHub

Announced: February 2024

Deal Value: $4M

EV/S Multiple: 2.6x

VitalHub BookWise

BookWise, a healthcare scheduling software provider, was purchased for $4M at 2.6 times revenue by VitalHub to widen its offerings.


Intrahealth was acquired Healwell AI

Seller: Intrahealth

Buyer: Healwell AI

Announced: January 2024

Deal Value: $17.5M

Healwell AI Intrahealth

EMR management software, Intrahealth was acquired for $17.5M in January by AI-based preventive care and decision support management software provider, Healwell AI to provide the next generation AI-powered EMR system.


Specialty Networks was acquired by CardinalHealth

Seller: Specialty Networks

Buyer: CardinalHealth

Announced: January 2024

Deal Value: $1.2B

CardinalHealth Specialty Networks

Specialty Networks, a group purchasing contract and practice enhancement software, was acquired by CardinalHealth for $1.2B. was acquired by 98point6


Buyer: 98point6

Announced: January 2024


AI-powered asynchronous telehealth management assets of were acquired by 98point6 to strengthen its product portfolio and to enable healthcare providers with both live and asynchronous care capabilities.