Mpirik was acquired by Tempus Labs

Seller: Mpirik

Buyer: Tempus Labs

Announced: March 2023

Tempus Labs  Mpirik

AI-based cardiovascular patient screening SaaS, Mpirik was purchased by Tempus to add cardiovascular capabilities to its platform.


Weekend Health was acquired by WeightWatchers

Seller: Weekend Health

Buyer: WeightWatchers

Announced: March 2023

Deal Value: $132M

EV/S Multiple: 5.3x

WeightWatchers Weekend Health

Weekend Health, a subscription-based chronic weight management and lifestyle platform, was bought by WeightWatchers.


98point6 was acquired by Transcarent

Seller: 98point6

Buyer: Transcarent

Announced: March 2023

Transcarent 98point6

98point6’s AI-powered virtual care platform, was picked up by Transcarent, a healthcare experience management SaaS.


Caption Health was acquired by GE Healthcare

Seller: Caption Health

Buyer: GE Healthcare

Announced: February 2023

Deal Value: $45M

GE Healthcare Caption Health

AI-based disease detection and ultrasound scanning SaaS, Caption Health was acquired by GE Healthcare.


Alpha Computer was acquired by Constellation Software

Seller: Alpha Computer

Buyer: Constellation Software

Announced: January 2023

Constellation Software Alpha Computer

Constellation Software via its arm Harris Computer, bought German healthcare management SaaS, Alpha Computer, further expanding its footprint in DACH alongside iMDsoft.


Medusind Solutions was acquired by Alpine Investors

Seller: Medusind Solutions

Buyer: Alpine Investors

Announced: January 2023

Alpine Investors Medusind Solutions

Alpine Investors expanded its medical and dental portfolio by acquiring Medusind, an end-to-end revenue cycle management SaaS.